Friday, April 28, 2017

Revit Ceiling Placement Bug - Fixed in Revit 2018

There is a odd bug that worked it's way into Revit not too long ago... while in a reflected ceiling plan view, there is a rather common situation in which you cannot place a ceiling. When there is an exposed end of a wall which defines the perimeter of the room, as pointed out below, then you cannot place a ceiling using the Automatic Ceiling option.

Revit 2017 Cannot Place a Ceiling in this Room

Given the many other more complex conditions within a given room, this may not be an obvious problem to many designers.

Surprisingly, this is still a problem in Revit 2017, and 2016 I think. The only way to place a ceiling in this room is to switch to Sketch Ceiling mode. Thankfully, this issue is now fixed in Revit 2018.

Revit 2018 Fixes the Ceiling Placement Bug

Here is a short video showing the problem in 2017 and the fix in 2018.

Of course this condition exists in a room within my Commercial Design Using Autodesk Revit textbook used by high school, college and university students all around the USA, so that is fun for them, their instructors and myself as I received a few questions about this!

  • By the way, instructors/professors using my books in their classes can email me anytime with questions. My email address is located in the Instructor's Guide on the SDC Publications website (see link pointed out in image below); accessible by instructors only, of course (notice they can also request a free exam copy!).