Saturday, April 29, 2017

Autodesk Uninstall Tool

Uninstalling an Autodesk product can be tricky as there are a lot of components installed. In the image below, within Windows Control Panel, I filtered the view for 2017. This lists everything with "2017" in the name, which still may not be everything associated with the product.

Here I would have to select each item and uninstall one at a time. This means you have to be sitting at the computer otherwise things pause...

  • FYI: when doing it this way, I like to work backwards. Uninstalling minor things like the material library first and Revit itself last. Sometimes add-ins will not uninstall if Revit is not present.

Autodesk provides a quick any easy way to uninstall one of their products. In the Windows Start menu they offer an Uninstall Tool as seen below.

Notice in the next image, the various products are grouped. Checking the highest level item automatically checks all the sub-items.

Once started, each sub-item is uninstalled automatically. The progress can be seen with the green check marks and a red blinking arrow next to the item currently being removed.

As you can see this still does not uninstall third-party add-ins. For example, the CTC BIM Project Suite and ElumTools add-ins shown in the first image would still need to be uninstalled manually in the Windows Control Panel.

Here is a short video showing what the progress looks like.