Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Another Dedicated VR Space - Seriously!

In our Duluth office, where I work, we are in the process of creating a large, open collaboration area with our Integrative Design Team (IDT) floor.

Overlapping this space we added a second dedicated VR space as shown in the image below. This offers a spacious "play area" just steps away from where the work is being done.

The two Vive lighthouses are 22 feet apart (6.7M). This provides ample space to actually walk around a virtual workroom, reception area, or exam room, for example.

This space also utilizes the TPCast wireless adaptor to make the Enscape and Fuzor VR experience truly remarkable!

This space is still waiting on some furniture, so things are...
not in their final positions yet, but you can certainly get a sense of how helpful this will be for staff and our clients.

We hired a local electrician to add power and drops for the Vive lighthouses as seen int he next two photos. The final result exceeded my expectations! Plus, in our continued effort to manage plug loads we added a wall switch to turn off the lighthouse power.

For more on plug loads, see this LHB blog postFINAL FRONTIER: PLUG LOAD REDUCTION STRATEGIES.

This is a thing of beauty...

Here is the other drop with the wireless adaptor attached.

With multiple dedicated VR spaces we are able to run multi-user VR sessions using Fuzor. Notice, in the image below, the user in another office has the label above him "mspvrlounge" which stands for Minneapolis VR Lounge; click here for photos of that space.

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