Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Working With Revit's Journal File

My friend Nauman Mysorewala published an article on understanding Revit journal files. This is based on a class he presented at Autodesk university 2017 a few months previous.

To read Nauman's article, go here: Howto read the Revit Journal file - Understanding Journal Files

In addition to being a BIM Manager/Architect/Associate at GBBN Architects in Cincinnati, he is also an Autodesk Expert Elite and an educator who uses my books. Nauman is super helpful in providing feedback on the books. I once added about 30 pages on live detailing and drafting views based on his comments! Plus, he is currently reviewing an updated manuscript for one of my books based on some new software coming out soon that I cannot mention;)

Nauman has worked with Autodesk to create a series of webinars called Build Your Revit IQ; click the link to check him out on YouTube.

Brian Mackey, aka The Revit Geek, had a great session on journal files at BILT last year... http://www.rtcevents.com/bilt/na18/.

I previously mentioned Brian's session in this post: BILT-NA 2017 Toronto Canada; Day One

In a previous post I mention Revit backup files that appear in the Journal file folder. You can check that out here: Autodesk Revit's "Secret" Backup Location

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