Friday, February 2, 2018

Friday Fun Post: Old Revit Content Website Still Live

Here is a blast from the past for us "old" Revit users... the defunct Revit online content webpage is still live via this Autodesk link:

This first image shows a collection of old French content. On a side note, by son is learning French in school and I was and just this morning I was trying to get him to translate (just to see if he could) a few Tweets from

Be sure to scroll all the way down and check out the UK samples files...
for repeating details and fence system project files.

Below are several screen shots of some content that is no longer available, but might still be useful to some. But if you want it you better download it now! This post might cause someone to delete and free up space on the server somewhere:)

Here are the fence examples in Enscape with not changes made to the Revit model (except adding the ground).