Thursday, February 15, 2018

Curtain Wall Door Schedules on Wrong Level

Occasionally I see this problem, where a door within a curtain wall is reporting the incorrect level. I am not exactly sure what the root of the problem is, but I will outline the steps I take, which typically corrects the issue.

The Problem

In this first image, notice the curtain wall itself is reporting the correct level, 1st Floor. However, the door is showing up under the Basement heading, in the schedule. For context, a regular door was placed to the left (#130-D).

The Fix (or Workaround?)

Here are the steps to change which level the door schedules on....

  • Open a 3D view (works best in a 3D view)
  • Select the curtain wall (not the door)
  • Ctrl+X (cut to clipboard)
  • Use the special Aligned to Selected Level from the Modify tab on the Ribbon
  • Select the desired level per image below (1st Floor, in this example)

It is interesting that the curtain wall is now positioned one level up relative to the one we selected. This hints at the root of the problem, but I am still not sure what it is. I doubt the designer somehow added this curtain wall in the Basement view with a large offset...

In any case, the door is now reporting to the 1st floor, although it is on the 2nd, technically. But, also notice that the curtain wall has a base constraint of 2nd Floor. Strange.

  • With the curtain wall still selected, change the Base Constraint to 1st Floor.
  • Set the Base Offset to 0'-0"

Now all is well in Revit-land. If you have any additional insight to share on the ins and outs of this, please do! Side note: some have been offering additional comments related to my posts via Twitter. So follow me via @DanStine_MN to stay in the loop!

Clearly there are situations where a curtain wall Base Constraint would be different from a door's scheduled level. One example would be a multi-story curtain wall with multiple doors spaced vertically. But this example is not one of them.


  1. I had the same issue, and none of the above seemed to work. Only after changing several time (only the curtain door) from the Curtain Wall system to anything else (in my case I tried several wall families and simple curtain wall). It finally worked, but it is a really annoying bug!

  2. Agreed. Thanks for sharing Mihaela.

  3. Weird issue,for sure. I haven't seen it before either but a colleague had this issue. I found that if I replaced the CW door with a regular CW panel, then replaced the panel with another curtain wall (same type as the host), THEN changed that panel with the CW Door, it all worked fine. I saw this as a suggestion elsewhere so I cannot take credit ... but it worked.

  4. Alternate work around: Delete door from schedule, replace with panel, and match properties to door similar or replace door. This only worked from the schedule and not from plan view.


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