Friday, February 23, 2018

New Revit Book Chapter; Multi-Story Stairs

In a continued attempt to add value to my Revit textbooks, I recently developed a new 50-page appendix chapter covering the new Multi-Story Stair feature introduced in Revit 2018.

This new online 'exclusive' chapter is based on a presentation I did last year (2017) in Europe on the new Revit feature, which earned the #4 speaker spot. This was at the BILT conference in Aarhus, Denmark. Here are a few conference-related posts:

On a related note, I also had the opportunity to work with the developers on this new feature in 2016 via online sessions and during a week I spent with them in the Autodesk office in Shanghai China.

The result of working through this chapter is a 20-story stair with railings that return in a...

continuous fashion as well as multiple stair types and conditions accounted for. All of this is a single Revit element!

Here are a few partial pages from this new chapter; notice it is metric friendly (click to enlarge images)...

The first stair run is cast-in-place concrete, the second has a channel-type stringer and then the rest is a third stair construction type.

Notice the photo of a real stair condition to help describe what it is we are trying to achieve at this point.

Here is a quick real-time Enscape video, recorded live on-screen while using a 3D Connexion 3D mouse for full cinematic-type control!

Additional 'Advanced Concept' Material Available

In my Commercial Design Using Autodesk Revit book, the new Multi-Story Stair chapter is Appendix F; which is available online using a unique code provided with each book. Appendix D and E are briefly mentioned here as well to highlight some of the 'advanced concept' material I offer teachers and students when they use my books:

Appendix D: Using Performance Analysis in Revit and Insight 360 (44 pages)

Appendix E: Introduction to Lighting Analysis with ElumTools (42 pages)

Below are a few partial images from these chapters (click to enlarge):

Enscape Images of the MS Stair

Again, just having fun clicking the Enscape Play button to create some high quality, and dramatic, still images of the multi-story stair. This blog post is not a printed document, so I can go a little overboard with the images because it is so easy and fun to do!

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