Friday, December 7, 2018


Today I have another Enscape blog post installment to share with you... this one is titled "How to Reality Check your Project". I hope you like it!

Link to Enscape blog post: HOW TO REALITY CHECK YOUR PROJECT

A few highlights and images from the post below...

We can use Enscape to check things that will not be caught by just running clash detection. For example, what is wrong with the following image? No, it is not that this guy is about to do some reading with the book in his hand... it is that someone dropped in the wrong Revit door family in a plan view, which auto-populated the door type in the door schedule (at least, that is how our door library works at LHB). And now you have an uncomfortable privacy issue:)

While on this topic I should mention. in this post, I also included a little information from my interior design Revit book on toilet room design. The analysis of sight lines is importation...

Too much fun! Thanks for reading.

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