Thursday, December 20, 2018

Floor Finish Legend in Revit

Here is one idea for managing a floor finish "legend" in Revit. Not a perfect solution, but one most Revit users can understand and manage easily.

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Here is the same view, showing the final result, in realistic mode.

I recommend using Design Options to manage the placement is actual floor elements and material tags in order to properly segregate the information. Some would use Phasing to accomplish something similar but it can still show up in schedules and affects other disciplines (e.g. phase mapping for linked models).
TIP: See this post on creating floor finishes in the project itself: Revit Floor Finish Workflow - Thin Floors
I created a Design Option Set called Floor Finish Legend and renamed the primary option Empty. This option is literally empty and therefore nothing will show up, ever, anywhere in the model; plans, sections, schedules. I also created a secondary option called On in Legend View only. This is the option I will create small floor elements in for the legend.

In a new Level 1 floor plan view called Level 1 - Finish Floor Legend I created several floor elements in the secondary design option. It does not matter where you create these in the model as they are completely ignored by all other parts of the model, unlike phasing.

In this plan view, I typed VV and set the view to show the secondary design option.

Because I have the material's Mark parameter properly set for all finished, I can tag the sample floor element so text is live and will update if changed later on.

The main problems with this workflow is you need one legend per floor, as the plan view cannot be placed on multiple sheets. But some might prefer this to make the legend applicable to a given sheet. The other problem is the legend does not update automatically for new or removed finishes.

A similar workflow can be used for door and window type legends.

How do you handle floor finish legends in Revit? Comment below to share!

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