Friday, December 14, 2018

Autodesk Webinar on Site Collaboration with Civil 3D and Revit 2019.1

If you work on building that come into contact with the earth you may want to check out this webinar by Harlan Brumm and Tim Yarris, Product Managers at Autodesk. They do a live demo of the new workflow that allows a Revit project to link a Civil 3D model via new features in 2019.1 (Civil 3D and Revit,) the Autodesk Desktop Connector and the BIM 360 cloud.


The result of this workflow is a very high fidelity representation of the surface which can have sub-regions and building pads applied. When the Civil 3D surface is updated, the Revit link updates and also maintains the sub-regions and building pads... unless Civil totally changes the surface as happened in the webinar:) Which would be similar to deleting a wall or ceiling in the Revit arch model to just put another one back in the same location... that is bad as MEP elements loose their host.

Webinar link: Introduction to site collaboration with Civil 3D, Revit & BIM 360

I also wrote about this new feature here: Revit 2019.1 - Site Collaboration with Civil 3D. Below is one image from my post.

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