Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Revit Shortcuts and Hotkeys Guide by Autodesk

Not the most exciting post today, but I recently came across a document, created by Autodesk, listing all the keyboard shortcuts in Revit. Sharing that in today's post...

Keep reading to learn more...

Autodesk created this document with a table of contents and then multiple pages listing the keyboard shortcut for several Revit comments. This should be helpful to new users and others not familiar with the full list or where to find it.

Here is the link:

The shortcuts listed in the Autodesk document can be modified within Revit via the View --> User Interface --> Keyboard Shortcuts command as shown here...

Here is the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog... which is pretty straight forward.

Here are two additional links provided at the end of the document...
          A well kept Revit secret: the CTRL key

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