Thursday, May 18, 2017

ArchVision Entourage (RPC) in Revit and Beyond

This post highlights the varied paths ArchVision's RPC content takes from Revit to a few popular visualization/VR applications; namely Enscape, Fuzor and Revito. I will let the reader decide which option is best. My goal here is to highlight the opportunity to keep things Revit-centric.

As I understand it, all the RPC content included with Revit is provided by ArchVision as a sample. They have an extensive subscription-based library, in addition to the free content, which I will talk more about in the future. Today I will focus on the free sample content.


All of the RPC content works well in Revit. It can be seen when a view is set to Realistic, when rendering within Revit or when pushed out to the cloud. This LHB Superior Street project Google Cardboard view shows a nice example of ArchVision RPC content (People, Trees, Vehicles and the orange cones) in an Autodesk cloud-based rendering.

To test the array of RPC content I placed each family/type in a Revit project as shown below. Actually, I first created this file so our Landscape Architects could see what the vegetation would look like in VR, based on the RPC content placed in Revit.
Below is a closeup camera view of the people. Revit provides one male and one female RPC family, each have multiple types.
The image below is a quick peak at the ArchVision Dashboard. which can be used to place both the sample and subscription content (simply drag and drop). Alternately, the sample content can be placed using the Load Family command and then the Component tool within Revit.

  • FYI: In the near future I will be doing a rendering tips and trick webinar for ArchVision, so stay tuned for more on that!


When Enscape is installed, the Revit model can be opened/linked to their real-time rendering environment. But first, in Enscape's Settings we have the ability to use the same ArchVision content used in Revit or replace them with their own stuff. Notice the "Replace Archvision Content" option.

First, we will look at the Enscape replacement entourage. Here is the same overall view of the RPC replacements in Enscape.
A similar close up view...
Another angle...
Now we will uncheck the "Replace" option and see what the ArchVision content looks like in Enscape. Here is the overall view again. I also did this in yesterday's post; Bridging the Gap with Enscape and Revit.
A close up of the people. For some reason they are turned in a different direction.
Another angle...
A quick look at the vegetation content.


The RPC content gets replaced with custom content when the Revit model is exported to Fuzor. The ArchVision RPC content is not directly supported. But I like that we can still place content in Revit.
The Fuzor content has a similar look to the original RPC content in Revit. This content is also animated. The people will occasional shift their body position and check their watch.
Another angle...


When a Revit model is exported to Revizto, the RPC content is directly supported. Here is a previous post about Revizto supporting ArchVision content: Revizto 4.2 Supports ArchVision RPC Content!

Here is the close up view of the entourage in Revizto.

Did you notice, in the image above, our vantage point appears a little low? Well, earlier this week I was at a staff presentation for a new elementary school we designed. We walked through the entire school in Revizto to explain the project and answer questions. After that, there was a similar presentation for the community, parents and students. During this presentation, a young student asked "can you make the person my height?". We aim to please, as evident by the previous and next images:)

Here is the same view adjusted back to adult height.
And another angle...

Here is a link to the sample Revit project with all the RPC content placed: click here to download.

I wanted to provide a video for each of these examples, but my computer with Camtasia is out of commission right now. Please comment below if you are aware of other visualization/VR apps that support the RPC content placed in Revit.