Monday, May 1, 2017

Revizto Export Scheduler for Timely Collaboration

Using Revizto is a great way to visualize and collaborate on a project. Everyone who works on vertical projects (i.e. buildings) at LHB has been trained on it and has access to it.

When a Revit model, and its sheets, are exported to Revizto we can sync this model to the cloud and share with other team members; this can be any Revizto user, or if we share with a non-paying Revizto user they consume one of our licenses. This cloud-based data can then be viewed on a computer, iPad or a Microsoft Surface with ease.

The Revizto license is tied to the user, not the computer, so staff can install Revizto on anything and login with their credentials. Once logged in they are presented with all the projects that they created or have been shared with them as shown below.

Notice, in this example some projects are Local and others are in the Cloud. For cloud-based models, you can not look at an outdated model unless you are offline. Clicking on a project with Update available (as shown above) will automatically download the newer version.

With Revizto's new export scheduler tool, it is easy to keep that collaborative cloud-based model updated. We have some projects scheduled to export in the middle of the night. This means that the Revizto model is never more than 24 hours old.

The image below shows the standalone app which controls the export of a Revit model. Here you can set the schedule and also see a history of exports. In this case there are two nights were something went wrong. For the most part, this process works flawlessly. But the computer needs to be left on and logged in. Revit does not need to be open, but Revit must be installed on the computer.

A couple cool Revitzo features to close out this post...

Section Cut: applied to any surface (horizontal or vertical) and then drag gizmo to adjust. Super smooth adjustment, even on our 1.2 million SF project with MEP included!

Map mode: switch levels, toggle grid and room names, plus click to move around building. Revizto levels derived from Revit levels, of course.