Monday, May 8, 2017

Autodesk Insight 360 - Floors; Part 3

More on analytical floors in Revit and Insight 360...

What happens if the roof is modeled as a floor rather than a roof? In the section below I changed the roof, from my previous post, to a Revit floor element.

This model has a single floor element defining the entire roof. There are no roof elements within this model.

In the EAM, the floor is listed as a Raised Floor. I guess this analytical surface type is used if there is open air above or below (previous I said "just below").

So, you might ask, how it this handled in Insight? If I change the floor construction (or cost range), does that affect the roof and the floors in the building? The truth is, the Revit EAM is converted to GBXML format when it leaves Revit and the "raised roof" becomes a roof.

To verify this, after exporting the Revit EAM to Insight, you can use the Export command to write the GBXML to a file.

In the Export dialog, notice all the options we can export, including DOE2 and EnergyPlus.

In the example below, I exported everything... this all comes in a ZIP file.

Notice, roof shows up in a search; if you recall, there were no roof elements in the Revit model. Also, notice the referenced Construction ID.

If you search for construction-51 you see the definition matches the Conceptual Types found back in Revit!
Thus, once again, we don't have to be too concerned with how we model things in Revit. Revit's algorithm that creates the EAM is pretty smart!