Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Autodesk Insight 360 - Floors; Part 4

Another post about Revit's analytical floors. I want to talk about floors in linked models and the room bounding setting for a link.

Often, on a multi-discipline project, the structural floor is linked in as part of the structural model.

  • FYI: In this case, the architectural model should not have the same floor element in their model; this is bad for many reasons.

Below is a sample structural model with a slab on grade and a roof, along with some beams and columns.

The structural model is linked into the architectural model; it is shown selected in the architectural section below.

If you try to create the EAM Revit will give this warning if the link is not set to Room Bounding.

To set this, select the link, click Edit Type on the Properties Pallet and then check the Room Bounding option.

The floor from the linked model is detected and helps define the EAM.

If a model has an adjacent building linked in for context, it will not be part of the EAM if it is not set to Room Bounding. If needed, create a Mass element in the same location as the linked model to account for a shade; a mass becomes a shade surface if no "mass floors" have been assigned to it.

Stay tuned for more...