Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Bridging the Gap with Enscape and Revit

Autodesk Revit is made to design buildings, but that doesn't mean we can't push the limits here and there. In an effort to expand the use of Virtual Reality (VR) across the various disciplines at LHB, I have helped nurture a few unconventional projects in Revit to that end. Why Revit? It is the primary 3D modelling tool we use and it has good friends in the VR business; Enscape, Revizto and Fuzor to name a few.

In this post I want to share some nice still images, of a historic bridge restoration project, from Enscape. In my last Enscape post I talked about an urban streetscape project executed in Revit for VR.

Everything in this model was created in Revit and viewed in Enscape (for this post). The surface was derived from an AutoCAD Civil 3D file created by one of our in-house survey crews. Plus, more vehicles downloaded from the web, which are imported DWGs.

  • Be sure to clink on the images to see more detail in the enlargements (they are all 4k images; approx. 15mb PNGs).

Wait, something's wrong with the color of this pickup truck...

The material is currently set to Wall Paint. Even though it is set to "Glossy" the concept is fundamentally different car paint.

So, let's change that material to use a Metallic Paint, where there is a built-in parameter called Top Coat with a Car Paint option!

The result is a "little" better!

The reflection in the truck is super cool...
This actually is a really large lake... not Lake Superior, but one of the 10,000 lakes in Minnesota.

The shoreline and road/tress in the distance look so realistic!

This one is for Autodesk University start and Revit MEP guru David Butts!

While in motion the water appears to be moving in Enscape. Still images produce a beautiful water appearance with reflections.

In reality, the stones are not this smooth, but they have an applied texture created from a photo of the existing stone. The special Enscape Grass is amazing in this context!

The survey showed existing picnic benches, so why not add them.

Nice view of the bridge from this picnic bench.

All the previous images show the Enscape replacement for the ArchVision RPC content (i.e. the vegetation). Enscape supports the RPC content, and the remaining images show them. Love the reflection on the postal van.

Ignore the fact that there are vehicles flying down the road with nobody in them! Well, in the future I suppose this could be a thing; someone texted their car to pick them up!

Fun stuff!