Friday, May 12, 2017

Great Revit Materials Tips for Enscape by Phil Read

Check out this series of posts about Revit materials by Phil Read. Even if you don't use Enscape, there are some great tips here! The image above is from one of these posts. Nice work!

Self Illumination in Revit? Booooring. Neon Lighting in Enscape? Cool!

Three Steps to Beautiful and Natural Looking Materials in Revit and Enscape

Graphics for Signage, Set Dressing and Entourage in Revit and Enscape

  • From this last post: "Here's a great tip from book writing, sandal wearing, winter bike riding, Revit guru Dan Stine! Use the Paint Tool to assign a material as a parameter." Thanks Phil:)
  • Details on this tip can be found here: Revit Materials; Painting a Material Parameter

I had posted a similar, up close and personal, image on a LinkedIn post a while back... this is also from Enscape. Link to post.