Thursday, December 14, 2017

Copy Monitor: Light Fixtures, Part 3

One more post on the Copy/Monitor tool in conjunction with light fixture. This one has to do with the limitation that linked families cannot cut anything in the host model

When the light fixtures are in the MEP model, and the ceiling is in the architectural model (which is how our models are always done) you end up with two graphical issues...

  1. The light fixture does not cut the ceiling, so renderings and VR are not very good looking.
  2. In the reflected ceiling plans (RCP) a 2x4 fixture in a ceiling with 2x2 acoustical ceiling tiles (ACT) will have a line run through the fixture as shown in the next image below.

Here is a 3D view, in Revit, showing the overlapping geometry.

Here is one possible solution...

Use the Copy/Monitor feature in conjunction with a "void only" version of the light fixture. For this post, I just opened the Revit troffer fixture and simply deleted all the geometry, but left the void. I also had to check the "Cut with Voids When Loaded" option as shown below.

Just using the Copy/Monitor tool does  not work, as a copied fixture (even with batch copy) does not cut the ceiling as it is technically not really hosted by the ceiling - it is just floating in space. However, if you manually place the void version of the fixture and align it with the linked fixture you can then use the Monitor option within the Copy/Monitor command.
FYI: I talked about the Monitor-only option in this post: Copy/Monitor; Levels
Now, anytime a fixture is moved or deleted you will be notified.

You really only need "void versions" for the recessed fixtures. If you have consistent parameters you would also only need one rectangle and one cylinder version I believe.

The iamge below is from Enscape, showing the fixture details, a hole in the ceiling and light emitting from it!

I am sure they could be a nice way to streamline this with some Dynamo magic as well.

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