Saturday, December 9, 2017

Enscape, Phil Read, Classic Camera Moves - A Must Read

If you use Enscape, be sure to check out Phil Read's recent post on developing animations. Enscape is about so much more than static images, which can be hard to describe in writing... you have to see it. And this post has lots of videos which detailed notes that help you "see" it!

I had been thinking about writing a similar article, but Phil clearly knows a lot more about...
professional theatrical camera work than I do, so I am glad he beat me to it!

LinkedIn post: Recreating Ten Classic Camera Moves In Revit with Enscape!

This post also touches on ArchVision RPC content. You can read more about that in my Enscape blog post: BEST PRACTICES FOR RPC PEOPLE IN REVIT. And be sure to watch for another post on custom RPC content coming soon to computer screens everywhere!

In case you don't know, Phil is an Enscape re-seller, among many other things, and provides training and support to his customers. Check out his website here: Read|Thomas.