Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Fuzor 2018 - New 3D Markup Tool

Thought I would share a short video showing the new 3D markup tool in Fuzor 2018. It reminds me of the Google Title Brush app for VR.

This tool allows the person in VR to sketch 3D lines of various colors in and around your model.

Stepping back and looking at the marked up area, simply press...
the middle of the large circular tracking pad on the Vive controller to save a screen shot to your desktop.

In this video I jump up on the reception counter in the lobby and sketch a proposed architectural light fixture. Next, I head outside and use the Scale Model feature to reduce the overall size of the model to 1:25. Now I can easily sketch the outline of a possible future addition to the building. When I switch back to full scale (1:1), the 3D markups scale up with the model.

Click the video preview below to check it out (3:14 long).

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