Friday, May 25, 2018

Revit 2019.0.1 Hotfix Released

The first update for Revit 2019 is out; hotfix 2019.9.1. Many firms wait until the first update comes out before starting to use a new version... well, here it is!

These used to be called "service packs" and now they are called a "hotfix". In the past, a hotfix was something between service packs that often required manually copying a file into a specific folder. In addition to a hotfix, there are also Updates which include new features.

For example...

2018.0.0 New Release (new file format)
2018.0.1 Hotfix
2018.0.2 Hotfix
2018.1.0 Update (new features added)
2018.1.1 Hotfix
2018.2.0 Update (new features added)
2018.3.0 Update (new features added)
2019.0.0 New Release (new file format)
2019.0.1 Hotfix

In your Autodesk Desktop App, if logged in properly, you should see this update...

Here are the Hotfixes listed in my Autodesk "Manage" online account...
also, notice the "severity" metric (low, medium and high) - I like that. This location allows me to download the hotfix and push it out, or send a link to staff. All of our users do not have an Autodesk account, they don't really need one, so being able to download the update separately is required.

Here are the fixes, including stability items and a few  issues related to un-cropped perspectives.


Release Notes:

Don't forget to update your deployments... to ensure all new installs in the office will be up to date. Modify the deployment from the deployment's Tools folder, click through the entire wizard without making any changes, and then when finished "creating" the deployment, you will get an "add updates" option which leads to the dialog shown below. All of this stuff listed could be added to the current deployment.

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