Wednesday, May 30, 2018

My Fuzor Avatar, For Real!

I have written about Cad Technology Center's (CTC) large object scanner before, and their store called ME3D in the Mall of America. CTC has also worked with, and promoted Fuzor, a product we use at LHB. Here are a few of the webinars CTC has hosted: Click here for YouTube list.

Out of these two connections and the fact that I would be speaking on Virtual Reality at NVIDIA's GTC 2018 I was able to get a special scan of myself at CTC which was sent to Fuzor and turned in to a custom Avatar, just for fun!

If you notice in the image above and video below, I am even wearing my Revit Express Tools shirt... which is yet another connection, as CTC sells the Electrical Productivity Pack I helped create at LHB!

Here is a video I created of my avatar running around our...
urban street project.

Here is a photo of the ME3D store in the Mall of America. CTC also has the same equipment in their nearby headquarters.

I also did a webinar for NVIDIA on VR which shows Fuzor in action (among other VR apps). Learn more and watch it here:Watch My NVIDIA Webinar on VR in the AEC Space

Thanks to Erika and the Fuzor team for making the avatar for me! I am told they can do this for you or your client as well. If you use Fuzor and are interested, give them a call to find out how much it will cost.

YouTube link:

Fun stuff!

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