Wednesday, March 25, 2020

AKN Article: Get Started with Desktop Connector for BIM 360

Autodesk Desktop Connector is required when using Revit and BIM 360 Design to host projects in the cloud... in today's post I will share some information I have found recently.
Note that the #WorkFromHome COVID-19 free extended trial for BIM 360 Design does not apply to AutoCAD Civil 3D use at this time, only Revit. I have had a lot of problems getting Civil 3D, Desktop Connector, and/or BIM 360 Design working. Not sure if it is something with our network, or what... anyone out there actually using Civil 3D and BIM 360 Design on multi-user projects?

Check out this FAQ on the extended free trial for BIM 360 Design. Only one person needs to sign up and they can invite others (unlimited users and projects).

keep reading to learn more...

The two links below offer a lot of information you should read through if you are a CAD/BIM Manager. If you have some good tips to share, add them to the comments below.

Desktop Connector Content Refresh Rates

There is a delay before changes made in the BIM 360 web interface are reflected in your connected drive. The minimum delay is 1 minute. The maximum delay varies for different changes:
  • Accounts: 12 minutes
  • Projects: 3 minutes
  • Folders and documents: 3 minutes
  • User permissions: 35 minutes
Note: The Desktop Connector view needs to be refreshed for changes to be displayed. The view is automatically refreshed every 10 minutes.
Here is the link:
Get Started with Desktop Connector for BIM 360

Check out this link as well:
Desktop Connector Support

This has several 'known limitations' like an issue with NVIDIA nView:
NView Desktop Manager (NVIDIA): This software will sometimes cause our "Transferring files dialog" to appear when nothing is being transferred. It is changing the visibility of one of our hidden windows. To disable, start "NVIDIA nView Desktop Manager" in the Windows control panel and choose "Disable".
If you need to move the Desktop Connector files to another drive letter follow these steps (my work laptop has been set up like this for almost a year now.

Move BIM 360 Cache Files to Another Drive

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