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Past Projects - US Forest Service Kawishiwi Ranger Station

Today I want to shift gears and share a non-COVID-19 #WorkFromHome type post...

When I started working at LHB in 2004 I worked in the Government Studio for two years. I had already written my first Revit textbook (copyright 2003 on Revit 5.0) but LHB did not have Revit installed on any computers just yet. About a year in, I worked with my predecessor, the firm's CAD Administrator, to make the LHB titleblock that the housing group would use on their first Revit projects.

One of the first projects I worked on at LHB, therefore, was done in AutoCAD. I have plenty of experience in AutoCAD, including this book I still update every year: Residential Design Using AutoCAD 2021. LHB still uses AutoCAD (Civil 3D mainly) on all of its horizontal projects; civil, survey, bridge, etc.

The project I want to share today is the Kawishiwi Ranger Station located in Ely, Minnesota for the US Forest Service. The design included retail and office space as well as Apparatus bays for forest fire fighting equipment.


  • 2009 US Forest Service Eastern Region Honor Awards – Walk the Talk for Sustainability
  • LEED Silver Certified

Keep reading to learn more...

Here is the project description from the LHB project page (link provided below):
LHB designed a new complex that includes a crew quarters, office building and multipurpose storage shop with labs, split- level unheated garage, and an unheated warehouse. Mechanical design includes a high efficiency boiler system, in floor heat, displacement ventilation, exhaust systems, plumbing waste and ventilation, and domestic water systems. The largest building of the complex is 34,000 sq ft and $5 million. This was the USFS Eastern Region’s first-ever LEED Certified project. LHB helped the USFS obtain LEED Silver Certification for this facility. In 2009 LHB received the USFS Eastern Region Honor Award “Walk the Talk for Sustainability” for this project.

My colleague and friend Steve McNeill created this preliminary sketch of the project (click to enlarge). Steve is also my co-author on two hand sketching textbooks; Chapters in Architectural Drawing and Interior Design Using Hand Sketching, SketchUp, and Photoshop.

Here are two construction document sheets from the project... my initials are the only ones in the titleblock for most of the architectural sheets:) I do not do any production work anymore, but I am proud of the way I organized sheets and elements within each drawing/detail on projects. FYI: These sheets are intentionally not able to be enlarged and portions are blurred out.

Internal Award

I earned an internal LHB Customer Satisfaction Award for my efforts on this project! The two images below are of the plaque I received at a staff meeting back in 2005. It is signed by the Duluth Management Team (Duluth is the city I live in, here in Minnesota).

Fun stuff!

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