Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Product Review: Hypar

I had a recent web-based meeting with Anthony Hauck, and Ian Keough, both of the newly formed Hypar. Before I talk about Hypar, I want to make sure you know who these two guys are...

Anthony Hauck was with Autodesk for 10 years and at one point was head of all Revit product line development and in his most recent role headed the development of generative design among other things. I've crossed paths with him many times over the years, at AU and RTC/BILT. As well as most recently when LHB hired him, post-Autodesk, to give a web-based pretension on generative design. He is a great and passionate guy!

Ian Keough is, well, the father of Dynamo. For the past 5.5 years he was also with Autodesk. He was also involved in some interesting BIM360 Field development. Here is a 2014 interview on the origin's of Dynamo you may find interesting: Meet Ian Keough, Dynamo’s Papa. I still find it interesting how things have evolved from what the Revit founders thought regarding user programming in Revit, as I previously wrote about here: Revit User Programming - Not Originally in the Cards. Clearly Ian had a different vision, and it has been widely embraced!

Much more could be said about these two I am sure... but suffice it to say this is truly a dynamic-duo from which great things will emerge! See what I did there:)

So what is Hypar? Here is the concise description from their...
simple intro page at
"Hypar has built a platform for executing your code to create hundreds or thousands of designs in the cloud and an app that allows your users to preview the 3D and analytical data associated with those designs in a browser. We're giving early access to members of the AEC developer community who have a software tool that they'd like to test on the platform."
From the demo I saw, it is a cloud-based platform to provide a stable environment backed by compute-power to run functions created in Python and C #, or anything you can wrap in C #. Once setup, your tools are accessible across multiple platforms including mobile devices. I even saw a hosted TestFit "function" example.

Check this out:

Here is one example testing multiple layouts for retail fixtures:

Try this one out on your smart phone:

And if all this is not cool enough, they are already winning awards...

Be sure to check out all the examples videos posted on Anthony's YouTube page.

BILT-NA 2018

Anthony will be at BILT-NA 2018 this week in St. Louis, so if you are there be sure to talk to him about Hypar.

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