Thursday, July 23, 2020

Top 5 New Revit 2021.1 Features

Its that time of year, and a new Revit "dot" release has dropped! This update, 2021.1, includes bug fixes and new features. Today's post highlights five that jump out at me and provides links for more information!

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The first update after a major release is often what triggers many firms to officially start using a new Revit version in production... and this would be that update. However, I would still have a few 'power users' do some testing while the deployment is being built.

Here's my top five list...

Cloud worksharing improvements
Autodesk, you had me at "30% faster" for this one... improved download times when opening, syncing, and reloading Revit models in the Cloud. A much needed #wfh improvement!

Reset Shared Coordinates
This was going to be my #1 new feature, as it has been a challenge for so many for so long. I had to deal with this just last week. Steve Stafford wrote this post on the issue back in 2012.

Improved import and export
Improved fidelity for SAT, Rhino, and SketchUp files is welcomed. I have had my share of 3dm files that, after imported, looked nothing like the original. Revit can also export STL files natively, now.

Resizable shared parameters dialog
Oh, the little things in life... like, being able to see the entire path or parameter name!

Shared 3D views?
I honestly have no idea what this is... but it sounds interesting and better than rebar improvements so it made the list:)

There are several other things that are really great improvements to Revit. You can learn more via the links provided below.

Here are some links to the official Autodesk info on this topic:

After this update is applied successfully, the build information specified on the Help > About dialog will be:
  • 20200708_1515(x64)
  • 2021.1

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  1. My personal favorite: the improved view switching! More information here: (236 votes in revit ideas:

  2. Also, there's a HUGE caveat with the Formit importer. In my test, Formit models which had only 3 materials, created over 50 materials.

    I feel like this one should have come with a huge "bim managers beware" banner.


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